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Bluetooth Remote Switch Professional

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2,499 ৳

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Location: Uttara
Price: 2,499 ৳


Bluetooth Remote switch is a remote control switching system that can control electric and electronics appliance using Bluetooth enable mobile phone. It has four separate relay switch to turn ON/OFF your equipment (light, fan, AC, Pump etc.).


Installation and Operation :
Before final installation test the device first. Turn on the device by Power (on/off) switch. Now Press the BT switch and hold for 3 sec to enable Bluetooth receiver. RED and BLUE light will blinking. Now search for this device Named "Bluetooth" from your handset using Bluetooth connectivity. If found than pair and connect it. Generate DTMF audio by dialing your keypad or by others "DTMF Generator APP". If the this device received command from you than it will reply by making short beep tone. If testing process is ok then you can connect it with your equipment.
see the installation/connection diagram before doing it.

Control and Command List :
Selection Digit : 2,3, 4,5 (four switches).
Action Digit : "1" for "ON" and "0" for "OFF".
Refresh Digit : "9" for refresh or delete previous command.

Example :
if you want to turn "OFF" the 3rd switch (sw no: 3), press "3" then wait 1 second, then press "0". now your 3rd switch is OFF and you will hear a short audio tone about confirmation of received command from you.

Sequence Of command :
Switch-2 (ON ) >> Press "2" then "1"
Switch-2 (OFF) >> Press "2" then "0"
Switch-3 (ON ) >> Press "3" then "1"
Switch-3 (OFF) >> Press "3" then "0"
Switch-4 (ON ) >> Press "4" then "1"
Switch-4 (OFF) >> Press "4" then "0"
Switch-5 (ON ) >> Press "5" then "1"
Switch-5 (OFF) >> Press "5" then "0"

Switch-2 (ON ) >> Press "9" then "2" then "1"
Switch-2 (OFF) >> Press "9" then "2" then "0"
Switch-3 (ON ) >> Press "9" then "3" then "1"
Switch-3 (OFF) >> Press "9" then "3" then "0"
Switch-4 (ON ) >> Press "9" then "4" then "1"
Switch-4 (OFF) >> Press "9" then "4" then "0"
Switch-5 (ON ) >> Press "9" then "5" then "1"
Switch-5 (OFF) >> Press "9" then "5" then "0"

Turn ON all the switches Together >> Press "1 > 1 > 1 > 1"
Turn OFF all the switches Together >> Press "0 > 0 > 0 > 0"

You can mute the beep tone :
To Mute : Press "9" then "8" then "0"
To Unmute : Press "9" then "8" then "1"

Also you can be informed about any switch status:
just press any target switch number(2-5) and then press "7".
After 2 second you will hear "one long tone" or "three short tone". "one long tone" means that switch is "ON"
"three short tones" Means that switch is "OFF".

If you do not hear any tone from this device after sending your command, that means: Your command is not correct

or phone volume is very low or Bluetooth signal is weak or out of range. or your audio signal is very noisy. or the device may be hanged.

If you think that your command is incorrect then you should press "9" to delete all previous command. or wait for 5 second to be deleted all previous command automatically. Off)

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