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Automatic Pump Controller (Super)

2020-07-14 11:26   Electronics   Dhaka   64 views

4,499 ৳

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Location: Dhaka
Price: 4,499 ৳

স্মার্ট পাম্প কন্ট্রোলার স্বয়ংক্রিয়ভাবে কাজ করে।যাহা আপনার পাম্পটিকে অটোমেটিক করে তুলবে। যাহা পানি ও ইলেক্ট্রিসিটি অপচয় থেকে রোধ করবে। যখন পানি ট্যাংকির পূর্বনির্ধারিত স্তরের নিচে নেমে আসে তখন পাম্প কন্ট্রোলার পাম্পটিকে চালু করে দিবে এবং যখন ট্যাঙ্কি পানি পুর্ণ হবে তখন স্বয়ংক্রিয়ভাবে পাম্পটিকে বন্ধ করে দিবে যাহা কোনভাবেই ওভার লোড হবে না।


This is A Super Smart Water Pump Controller.
It will automatically START the-water-pump as soon as the water level falls below the predetermined level and it will SWITCH OFF the-water-pump as soon as the tank is full. The Pump controller ensures no overflows or No dry running of the pump thereby saves electricity and water. This device will show overhead_water_level, reservoir_water_level and Pump_status on its LCD display.

Some extra feature makes this controller SUPER SMART.
Test_mode and regular_mode.
**Thermal or OverHeat Protection of Water Pump by Temperature Sensor
** Audio Alarm (beep) in different condition and when error occur.
** Installation_mode: check the water level after 20 seconds. This mode remain 20 minute after power-up or after press any button.
**Regular_mode: check the water level after 2 minute in normal condition. But it check after 20sec if Pump is running condition. So it Increase the life time of water sensors.
**Sensor failure : if overhead water sensor cable are disconnected the device will stop the pump after reach to RunLimit : min (max run time)
**The device also show real time signal from the tank, Total ON/OFF of PUMP, Last Running Time, Total Running time.


Technical Information:
1. Applicable for home/ office/ industry and more.
2. Single-phase 220v AC. 2200watt max load.
3. Size :17cm X 12cm X 4cm, 300gram.
4. Internal voltage : 5vDC, 12vDC and 220vAC
5. Water sensor Voltage: 5v.
6. ON/OFF switch for manual control.
7. 16x2 LCD display.
8. Five-step water level display On LCD.
9. Internal 30A Relay, N/O, N/C.
10. Control by atmega8 Micro-controller.

Features and advantages:
11. Fully automatic and Easy installation.
12. Dual Tank monitoring (overhead + reservoir).
13. Pump Temperature monitoring (By Heat Sensor).
14. Audio Alarm System (in Error, Pump Run, sensor Fail).
15. Ensure no overflows or dry running.
14. Max Run time limit facilities.(Hr:MM=99:59)
15. Total Run time Counting.(Max:25599:59 =Hour:minute)
16. Number of total Start/Stop Count.(max:99999)
17. Last Run time Show(99:59:59 hr:mm:ss).
18. Sensors and cable status show.
19. Signal noise level show.
20. one year guarantee.

AUDIO Alarm Function
1. Beep for 9 time at power up
2. Beep when resetting to factory setting
3. shortest beep if button are pressed
4. beep after few second if pump are running
5. beep if error :
one short beep then one long beep = overhead tank > lower level (25%)reaching time is over (Dry running Error)
two short beep then one long beep = overhead tank > upper level (99%) reaching time is over (Over flow ERROR)
6. BEEP if Reservoir tank is empty

Function of Buttons:
1. upper button : short press >> turn ON PUMP
2. Lower Button : short press >> turn OFF PUMP
3. Press 1 sec any button : Enter to setting mode
During Setting mode
4. short press any button to scroll down menu list
5. press 1 sec : Enter to change a setting
6. again press 1 sec : Exit from change setting
7. Upper button : short press > increase value
8. Lower button : short press > decrease value

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